About 12am

12am has been in operation since 1999, supporting Australian and Global brands to raise awareness of new technologies and products.

Paul and Andre first met in 2002, working on the Numark brands at Electric Factory. During a short 3 year period the dramatic results and sales increase lead to Andre and Paul working closely on projects over the next 15 years. Paul Goldsmith and Andre Cato joined forces in 2017 to combine their knowledge and passion in the Global Music market.

Through the years, we have worked on major projects including the launch of the Pioneer CDJ1000 in 2001, Store DJ Marketing Consultants (10 years) and a series of videos for Gibson to sell-through unwanted Stanton stock.

12am has had more than 5 million views of videos created for companies including Pioneer, Gibson, InMusic, Behringer, Vestax, Ableton, Rode, Store DJ and many others. Andre and Paul created their first online video in 2002 for a new turntable which received 80,000 views in a 2 week period before being shut down by the sponsoring telecommunications company due to the expense of delivering this content in 2002 (4 years before Youtube).

12am has a sales network setup for both Australia and New Zealand, with long-term relationships that have been built up over the years Paul spent in the distribution market, managing brands such as Behringer in Oceania for a 4 year period. Paul has intimate knowledge of distribution throughout the Oceania area and understands the various retail practises in each region.

With extensive knowledge of the Wholesale, Distribution and Retail markets, 12am is a business that strives for results via informative communications and relationships.