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12am is a Marketing and new-Media business specialising in DJ & Production Technology together with consumer Gadget Technology.

12am has been operating since late 1999, when my brother and I joined forces to bring partygoers an online street-press-style website. We teach, demonstrate and show off the latest tech - via high-quality video, articles and physical demos. Enjoy the site and please contact us if you have any questions.

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Hi and welcome to the 12am tech Blog & Vlog!

Something I wanted to talk about in my first Blog & Vlog is this simple question: What is a DJ?

I’ve been lucky enough to have had an amazing ride through my adult years – working as a DJ, a reviewer and writer/videographer of DJ and technology products for more than 13 years now. During this time, the industry, the music, gear and certainly the perspectives have changed in regards to what a DJ really is and I thought I’d talk about that today.

A DJ is someone who plays music for entertainment purposes to some kind of audience.

A DJ can mix, cut, scratch, beat-mix, sample, cue, effect, loop or even play tunes and talk in-between tracks like they do on radio, but all in all, we’re all DJs. We’re entertainers who can use a range of equipment to do our job. Turntables, CD players, computers, controllers, or even a mobile device these days can be used by DJs to perform in their preferred style.

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